NEDSCOMEDIA is proud to offer a business enhancement service including new web site construction and hosting to the public. Nedsco Media prides itself on quality workmanship with over 98% customer satisfaction rate. Just check with our customers! For any issue at all, call our Customer Service department at 281-692-5827.


NEDSCOMEDIA is comprised of Professional Sales Executives, and Graphic Artists who all share common goals to provide top-notch graphic Web Designs and Marketing to its clients base which includes  doctors and medical firms, tax accounting firms, apparel companies, auto shops, tanning salons and beauty salons, entertainment facilities, restaurants, and entrepreneurs.  We build quality websites, tailored to reflect your professional image and effectively market your services and expertise to both new and established clients.  Our Marketing Department delivers information via I-phone and android smartphone mobile applications, email, and Social Media. We provide business intelligence through our data support services using surveys, site ratings, market analysis for recommendations, branding and member frequency statistics.



Quality Website Design

Our website designing principles are based on:

  • Functionality
  • Visual Quality
  • Informative and Convincing Content
  • Search Engine Compatibility (SEO)
  • Professional Web Design style

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Engage Your Customers

Creating an engaging environment is an integral part of the connection between a brand and its customers. Regardless of the business model and environment you operate in, your brand needs to be distinct to capture a potential customer’s attention. NEDSCOMEDIA can create defining experiences for customers by combining innovative design with exceptional ideas.

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Brand Development

A brand is a distinct mark that is imprinted in your consumer’s mind as well as yours. It’s a promise that links a product or a service to a consumer. We help companies branding strategies by creating the indicators that c Button Title reate these associations and feelings. We ensure all your branding indicators include your graphic identity, signage, product names, packaging and web presence come into alignment with your business strategy to communicate a unified business message.


Digital Marketing

NEDSCOMEDIA can help to create an online marketing presence that works together with traditional methods of marketing to effectively reach your audience. With a large audience on the internet, the number of options presented to you for marketing have greatly increased. NEDSCOMEDIA will help you navigate through this new environment.